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The reunion was held the last Sunday of July at Red Top Church, Callaway County, Missouri. Our attendance was low this year but those who came enjoyed a great visit and wonderful food. The heat reached well over 100 but it was cool inside the church. We discussed a number of things including the cemetery at White Cloud. Any thoughts or questions should be addressed to Bobby Bedsworth as he is our liason working on the project. I might also add he is doing an outstanding job and everyone gave him a round of applause along with a vote of support. Again, Bobby, great job, well done, and keep up the good work! You have our complete support and confidence! There were several displays of family pictures which everyone enjoyed. Our oldest member in attendance was Frances O Bedsworth Stephens, descendant of Williams James Bedsworth, Thomas A Bedsworth, and Roy Odell Bedsworth. The member who traveled the farthest was Billie Adcock Bedsworth, descendant of William James Bedsworth, Thomas A Bedsworth, and Roy Odell Bedsworth, also brother toFrances. Bill traveled from Tennessee. Attached are some pictures from the reunion..... Hopefully more will attend next year and your pictures will be added.

Pat Dickens, Jane Bedsworth, Frances Stephens, and


Bill Bedsworth (white shirt), Steve Stephens (yellow shirt),Kendall Bedsworth (blue shirt)

Bobby Bedsworth and Bill Bedsworth Bill Bedsworth, Pat Dickens, Frances Stephens