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Bedsworth Family History

It is believed that the first Bedsworth came to the New World before 1700. There was a large exodus from Scotland, England, and Ireland in the first half of the 18th Century.

A source suggests Bedsworths came from Cheviot Hills along the border of Scotland and England.

Research findings show a variety of spellings for the name "Bedsworth." It is fair to consider the variety of spellings to come from the same family line. (i.e. Bedsworth, Betsworth, Bedworth, Bettisworth, or Beckworth).

Documentation shows from an autobiography by Tubman Lamar Bedsworth that Noah's father was William Bedsworth. It also shows Noah had four brothers and a sister named Mary Polly.

From Book EB27, page163 of Court House records of Princess Ann County, Maryland (county seat of Somerset County, Maryland) the death of William Betsworth (Bedsworth) was recorded 12 Nov 1810. Wife, Nellie and children Thomas, Tubman, Polly Jones, William,

Noah, and Tipporah. The child Noah in this is the line I believe we have descended from.

Also, we havd assumed, that William born 15 Aug 1764, the father of Noah, was the son of Thomas and Sussannah of Stephen Parish, Maryland. Thomas' father could have been William of Mattapeny Hundreds (a township or parish, Prince George County, Maryland).

We don't know positively that this Noah is the son of William and grandson of Thomas there is a definate similarity in names, ages, dates, and places that leads us to believe they are.

We do know Noah Bedsworth born in 1799. He went to Millersburg, Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1821 or 1822. He married Martha Patsy Baker, daughter of Thomas and Rachel Miller Baker.

Thomas and Rachel moved to Missouri in 1825 and settled on a farm six mile west of Fulton, Callaway County, Missouri. Noah and Patsy moved to Missouri soon after their first child was born 27 Aug 1825 and settled on a farm near the Bakers, five miles west of Fulton.

Noah and Martha Patsy Baker Bedsworth had 9 children, 6 boys and 3 girls. Noah died Sep 14, 1849 and Martha Patsy died 16 months later on May 7, 1851. At the time Martha Patsy died William was 25 but had left for the California gold rush in 1850 and didn't return home until 1856. Rachel was 23 and had already married and left home. That left a family unit consisting of Elanor 20, Thomas 17, Tubman 14, Mary 11, John 7, and twins Robert and Noah almost 4 years old. Robert Benjamin died eight months later.