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"A Family History"

Adcock, John, of Buckingham County, Virginia, some of his

Descendants, with Collateral Lines: Christian,

McMurtry, Robertson, Ingersoll, etc.

by Blanche Elizabeth Adcock Lawless


The name Adcock is also found spelled as Adcocks, Atcock, and Hadcock.


With proper names it should be remembered that up until publication of the English dictionary

in 1752 by Samuel Johnson, there was no such thing as exact spelling. A person spelled a

family name, a place name, and any other word as it suited his personal fancy. Thus we find

the names of brothers in early records spelled in entirely different ways. Sometime a father

and son would use different spellings or several spellings each.


We find the name of Adecock Kay in the Assize Rolls of Lancashire (England) in 1246.

Richard Hadecoc is recorded in the Register of the Freemen of Leicester in 1226.

Robert Adekok was found in the Subsidy Rolls of Worcestershire in 1275.

A John Atkoc was recorded in the Subsidy Rolls of Staffordshire in 1327, so we see how old the

name really is.


Adecoc was a pet-form of Adam which in turn is from the Hebrew and is supposed to mean

"From the red dust". This is also found as meaning "son of", from it's meaning, or "little", or

diminutive of the original name. Hence Adcock means "son of adam" or "little Adam".


From information gained from this source we trace our family heritage in the hopes of solid

and truthful information.....John Adcock, of Scotch and Irish descent came from England in the

early 1700"s and settled in Buckingham County, Virginia. He married a Miss ____ Carter.

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