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The Mighty Bedsworth Oak

Written by

Mrs. Penn Bedsworth - 1973 Reunion

You young saplings who are growing up. You gather as a

forest grows: in two's, in three's, and in clusters.

As you spread out and gather moss, you add the strength to the

main trunk. Prune the branches carefully that the main tree will not die out. Each year we loose a few, we add a few, but we keep on growing thicker.

From Maine to California and from Alaska to Hawaii, you'll

find our blue-eyed Scotsman with their sturdy oak tree spirit. You can count on any Bedsworth to honor his country. No matter what your name was before, you become a loyal Bedworth.

It's a proud old name that we each share whether we be inlaws

or just plain family. Never let it be said you were the one

who forgot.

May our saplings keep the Reunion active and watch what

kind of soil you add to the main roots.