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Excerpt's from the Obituary for the Reverand Tubman Lamar Bedsworth

provided by Grace Gard in the 2002 Bedsworth Newsletter


Lamar was the son of Noah and Martha Patsy (Baker) Bedsworth. His mother died when he was 12 years old. When he was 17 he entered the Masonic College at Lexington , MO. After graduation in 1859 he joined the Missouri Conference of the Methodist Church. He preached at Waverly and served the Wellington circuit from Oct 1860 to Oct 1861. He was appointed to the Salem circuit in Dent County but because of the ongoing Civil War, and the hostilities at the time, and at the advice of his Elder, he did not go to Salem.

On August 1, 1863 Lamar Bedsworth was arrested by Federal soldiers and placed in prison at Lexington where he contacted a bronchial trouble that so affected him he never re-entered conference again, but he did not remain silent. He continued to preach whenever he had the opportunity to do so, married the young, and buried the dead for miles around his home community.

Lamar taught school for 34 years in the same district and in all had imparted instructions in the school room to over 1,000 pupils that are now scattered all over the states.

Brother Bedsworth and Margaret Ellen Currie were married 14 Nov 1858. To this union 7 children were born. The deaths of 4 of these preceded his by several years. Margaret died 21 May 1872. On 16 Oct 1877 he married Louisa C. Corder. She died 23 Aug 1902.