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Clarence's Farewell

by Grandpa Bedsworth

Deno Foote contributed the following poem to the July 2002 Bedsworth Newsletter

written by Rev. Tubman Lamar Bedsworth on the death of five year old Clarence

Leonard Strader who died of scarlet fever in 1895.


Your Little Clarence

Dear Papa and Mama, don't weep for your boy.

The Savior has called me and I must go away.

To that land, where are heavenly raptures of joy.

Where I've often heard them sing: "It is brighter than day."


And when I have, come to my beautiful home,

Where thousands of children, are gathered with me.

O'er fairest of fields, together we'll roam.

And I'll tell them about my sweet brother Lee.


I'll tell them about Grand Pa and Grand Ma, too.

Who fed me and clothed me, with tenderest care.

Of Willie and Lillie, and dear Uncle Lou.

Of Flora and Minnie, and Edna so fair.


There's one I've got to mention, tis Grand Ma's sweet baby

Dear little George, with features so fair

Should the Savior soon call, bring your playthings along.

For Jesus loves children, and I know he won't care.


Tell sweet little brother, my toys are all his.

The toys Papa bought me at the store just for me.

And the yarn ball dear mother, made for me herself.

That I tossed in the air, with great childish glee.


And Papa tell Mamma, her baby is so sweet.

Which she cherished, and then to Jesus were given

Are basking in light, at the dear Master's feet.

Are dwelling secure, in the mansions in heaven.


And when you have come, to the ever bright shore.

And light to behold its beauties is given

Angels will teach you heavenly love.

And Clarence guide to your mansions in heaven.


And now Bless the Lord, my conflicts are o'er

I'll rest 'neath the trees, in the Garden of God

I'll walk 'neath the shades, of the ever bright shore.

No more shall pass under, His chastening rod.