Bedsworth Pictures and Writings


Bedsworth 1,000 Acre Farm


Roy owned what the family always referred to as the "!,000 Acre Farm" located in Holts Summit, MO

Directions are as follows:

Take Highway 54 out of Jefferson City, MO - cross the river toward Holt Summit - about 2nd road to right, gas station, turn right and then right to Halifax Road - continue this road quite a way - when it becomes a Y do not go to the right but go left which will be County Road 4039 but has not been marked to my knowledge - continue on this road for several will see a 2 story frame cream/white house on your right with several small white out buildings to the right side and behind.....THIS IS IT....facing the house to the right across a drive is where the big red barn used to be (it burned but the foundation is still viewable) - across the road is a small Arkansas Rock house Roy built and which he and Ula lived in for a time. In the 50's you could stand anywhere a the house and see only pasture and fields...yes - all directions